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Take a step away from the ordinary. Exuberance and gratitude go hand in hand and so should you and those you value most. Extraordinary incentives begin with us sun, sea and sand on twin island paradise the perfect atmosphere for business!

"Incentive & MORE" with "AD Travel LTD", guarantees the best possible solution to providing your business partners, employees and associates with the gift that embraces adventure and captures extraordinarily significant memories.

Show your gratitude by scheduling an all- engrossing travel package to the twin Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and be guaranteed a trip unlike any other. Whether for yourself or an employee, our diverse packages will appeal to the desires of any visitor.

Best of all, our team motto says it all: Incentives are the best motivation!

Incentive Travel Brochure

THE CARIBBEAN - secluded beaches, waterfalls, unique cultures, excellent foods, interesting people and uplifting music. The Southern Caribbean is especially unique and the perfect spot for your Incentive Travel Experience. Venture and discover with us the true Treasures of our region.

Very often the true secrets of the Caribbean are lost to packaged tours – crowded beaches, large tour groups and regimented tour agendas. We have changed all of that however and offer specialized expeditions catering to the specific desires of incentive groups. Here are some examples of our adventures but please bear in mind that we can tailor make whatever your heart desires!

Our base is the most southerly of the Caribbean islands - Trinidad and Tobago. It is the most diverse of all Southern Caribbean Islands, comprising of many races and religions. Born of this cultural diversity are delicious foods, beautiful music and extravagant festivals – the ideal place to bring the best of the world together under one love.

The southern Caribbean’s proximity to South America however, has blessed the entire region with a wide variety of natural wonders and culture. Come 'lime' with us at Smokey & Bunty, dip your toes in the white sands of Back Bay, overnight in an former Cocoa House in the Northern Range, 'jam' in a steel band or 'jump up' in a J’ Ouvert Band.

AD TRAVEL LTD will take you there. We are your Incoming Tour Operator and Partner in Trinidad & Tobago and the Southern Caribbean!

Not just a vacation
… an adventure!

If you consider yourself a traveler and not a tourist, then consider what we have to offer.

Undiscovered treasures
An adventurous natural journey to the Lesser Antilles Islands of Trinidad & Tobago and Dominica. Trek through the pristine rain forest of these Islands, have engaging conversations with the Carib Indians, catch the reflection of the last sunrays as the sun sets against the backdrop of the scarlet feathers of the Ibis going home to roost or just spend relaxing days on windy verandas and dine in intimate accommodation on the beach.

Bike & Hike
Exciting trips are waiting for you. Enjoy the most unique way to encounter the cultural and natural details that the country has to offer. These expeditions take you deep into the rain forest, through small villages and along secluded beaches. Sometimes you camp under stars, other times you stay at historical Gingerbread houses and sample the real local cuisine.

Greatest show on earth
Carnival in Trinidad – the event you can’t miss! Dancing in the Streets, music, food, people and excitement. Trinidad Carnival is the greatest Carnival on Earth. Meet the personalities that make the Mas, 'jump up' in a mass band, feel the pulsating rhythm of the steel band, calypso and Soca music. There is nothing in the world to compare it to. Trinidad Carnival – you must experience it yourself!

Treasure hunt on Robinson’s Island
A great Incentive for unbelievable fun! Explore the entire Isle of Tobago in search of Treasure and in your own Jeep! There are untold riches to be found on this treasure hunt! Golden pebbles of Parlatuvier, secret mountain paths to hidden waterfalls and pirate flags. Only with your shovel, compass, machete and map you can find your treasure.

On the path of the Amerindians
If you always wondered how the natives of Trinidad lived, ate and drank then this is the best opportunity to find out more about their cultures, behaviors and stories. Enter our time machine and experience the pre-colonization era.

Enjoy the Grenadines
Sail up the Grenadines on a splendid Catamaran and if you are lucky you will be escorted by dolphins! Swim and snorkel with the turtles in Tobago Cays and don't be alarmed at the mantas passing by!!

The legendary Amazon
Ancient tribes and pristine, lush rain forests in Surinam and Guyana! We will take you deep into this jungle where you will have first hand contact with the indigenous tribes, and native wildlife. This is more than an expedition into the rain forests, this is a journey back in time.

The Triatobago
The Triatobago is the combination of Triathlon and Tobago and the perfect word to describe our Event. Instead of the normal disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, we created a truly Amerindian Triathlon. Our stages are kept secret until the day of the Event!

Adventurous Americas
This tour includes bird watching and amazing wildlife tours. We combine a fantastic experience a la extravaganza just for you. Our destinations for this special Incentive are Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica and the Galapagos. A truly unique and amazing combination.

Pirates of the Caribbean at Pirates Bay Tobago
Board the “Black Pearl” and enter the world of the pirates for one day. Your journey brings you along the Caribbean coast up to Pirates Bay where you encounter a day of joy among pirates. Relive the swordfight between Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, drink rum out of a barrel and eat fish directly from the sea. At the end of the day only one can wear the mysterious gold medallion which might begin a new chapter in your own saga of the Pirates of the Caribbean!

The quest for El Dorado
History tells us how the pioneers passed Trinidad and Tobago on the way to find El Dorado – the mythical City of Gold! We combined history with fantasy and created an event just for you.